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21 Jan 20

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Forum » ZERO TOLERANCE & YOU » JOIN [ZT]! » TRIAL ADVICE FROM [ZT] (What you NEED to be in the [ZT] Clan.)
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In [ZT] we look for the best, not just in terms of skill but in gameplay too - being a great team player can achieve a victory!

You must have the following before you join [ZT]

Live Active:
In [ZT] we want only active players. Now being active means you must POST on our forums - PLAY ET - and use msn. You need to be 100% active if you want to join this clan. We don't want inactive members period.

Speak English:

In [ZT] we talk alot, on clan voice in meetings and across various messaging programs. Speaking englsih is a KEY PRIORITY in [ZT].
If you can't then you will not get in to this clan. Now at [ZT] we are't discriminative to anyone who can't speak english. We are a high active clan and we need to be able to communivate with members effectively.

Get Noticed:
Want to stand out from the crowd at the trials, then download mumble and get on the [ZT] Prime mumble server.
Talk and get known by the [ZT] Admins and clan members.
Get posting on our forum.

Keep Up To Date:
Check our site/forums for news on [ZT] and up coming events!
Hit our platoon page for updates and more news about [ZT]
Check the server(s) for regular updates and messages.

Stand Out/Communicate:
If you want to be in [ZT] then you NEED these as we REQUIRE you to have this in this clan. So if you have not seen them before now is your chance to get it.
Get your Splatter Ladder account today and reserve your ET name!(your current ET name-then post a link on your application).
Get MSN, (Windows Live messenger) /passport.net account supply your add for [ZT].

(the links are to english versions of the site, you must be able to read/write/speak english to join ZT)

IF you get in to [ZT] you will find that the above are compulsory. So do this prior to your application.


Forum » ZERO TOLERANCE & YOU » JOIN [ZT]! » TRIAL ADVICE FROM [ZT] (What you NEED to be in the [ZT] Clan.)
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