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Clan [ZT].

If any of you are still active then [ZT] has now moved to Halo Reach on the xbox 360.
For a while myself XAERO and Master have been playing a vast amount of games to find one that is suited to [ZT]. Now as you may not know alot of games that have come out for the PC are what we called "consolefied" where games that come out on PC are infact built for consoles, a prime example would be the latest AVP.

Well we all got AVP and it lasted about a few months, the game looked very promising but failed to meet the requirments for a "skilled" game on PC.

After months of seraching for games and near giving up on the idea...then i saw an advert for Halo Reach and was taken by it i knew that this was the place for us.

So in short in the 5th age of [ZT] we have moved to Halo Reach on Xbox 360.

Join us if you can...

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