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24 May 19


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We INSIST that you and your team come to the "Alliance" tournament server(s) to align your settings with the server(s) prior to the launch date of the tournament.


All clans must have a clan captain, who takes responsibility for the team, speaks for the team and attends all the meetings among other captains and Tournament staff.


The following rule list will apply to all players during the tournament, and if broken will result in an instant ban unless a genuine mistake is made.


The following rules are a warn based system, 3 warns per clan means an instant ban. Staff members WILL be watching all players aswell as taking screenshots and recording demos. We also advise you record your own demos for your records.


·         Spawn killing is ALLOWED.

·         Self kill in fight is ALLOWED.

·         Teams will be 4 v 4 no exceptions.

·         Trick jumping is forbidden.

·         2 medics per team.

·         A maximum of 4 mines are allowed.

·         All matches are played in NQ STOPWATCH.

·         "Alliance" staff members will decide on which clan starts first.

·         1 rifle grenades are allowed.

·         NO Panzer OR mortar allowed

·         Do not disrespect other clan members of each clan.



Cheat Policy:

We want all players to have a fair chance to win and actually play without having a user cheat in order to win, so here is [ZT]’s policy on cheating during the tournament.


Traces of cheat’s e.g. variable settings without actually cheating: will be kicked via Pb and could result in removal of the clan from the tournament.

Other cheating: aimbot, wall hack, spiked models etc will result in an instant ban.

If cheating is occurred during a match, the "cheater" /player will be removed from the tournament or could even result in the clan’s removal.


Please bear in mind that we consider these rules as foundations for fair game play however if you find your warn/ban unfair you can appeal at the site where you will be given a fair trial.




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